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If you use it, it breaks

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If you use it, it breaks

Post by dieseldr on October 23rd 2013, 4:14 am

Wow, things sure have got busy here, now that it's harvest time. We've got a wet spell going on, and customers are trying to get their corn in, winter wheat sowed, manure hauled and spread. If they are logging they are now holding due to the rain and have trucks with blown power dividers, diff locks, clutches, the list goes on. Right now have 2 tank trailers apart for brakes, they are manure tank trucks. Another truck tractor apart with a small trans problem- the trans isn't hooked to the engine, and it's hanging by the shifter and the driveshaft. Another truck is clanging going into lo range- needs a synchro, back half of trans needs removed for that. A brush chipper was dropped off today for drum bearings and knife sharpening and resetting. Another farm in PA called with 2 trucks with electrical/starting issues, another with no first and reverse gear, sounds like a shift rail disconnected/broken, and another truck with a PTO bearing/seal issue. Plus a roofing/lumber company has a rough terrain lift with a knock in the engine, started right after the starter drive exploded in the flywheel housing- hope that is an easy fix fishin the broken stuff out, but it might have a broken flywheel. Will know more in the AM. Another commodity (corn) guy blew the pusher cylinder apart in his trailer he uses to push loads of corn off- it used to be a garbage trailer, he's using it for corn, he lost the first foot of depth in that load from contamination of hyd oil. And his other trailer is a frameless dump that needs a brake job. Plus he wants all the bearings changed in the row closer wheels in his seeding drill- he's just going to have to find somebody else to get this stuff done in time.
1 guy can only do so much- I know, get off the web and get to work, right? I can't work like I'm 35 anymore!

Gone from being caught up, to being a month behind in about a weeks time.... if you use it, it breaks, and some of the cowboys these guys have for operators and drivers, it's a miracle they can keep any of it together.
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